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Team Integrity is our plan for paying it forward and helping every member create the lifestyle they desire and deserve.  We are an extended family from all walks of life who have come together with the mission of helping millions of people have a better life.

How We Pay it Forward

How We Pay it Forward

Team Integrity works with an online team building system that has everything you need to build multiple streams of income with only ONE effort. We use this one site to invite people to become part of our incredible team building co-op made up of ordinary people creating extraordinary lives for themselves and others. 

It’s FREE to join the Team Integrity Recruiting Site!  When you register in the upper left corner of the screen, you will be placed in the personal referrer’s next available spot, or within the Team Integrity matrix in the next available spot.  This is how current team members have new members placed below them, even if they did not refer the member to our Team Integrity Recruiting Site themselves. 

Then, new member’s simply sign up for one or more of the multiple income producing programs we have available, and start using this same site to recruit new members by referring others, or just wait for new members to automatically fall into your recruiting matrix downline.

Intrgrity is Based on Value

Integrity is Based on Value

With this one Team Integrity recruiting site, we are building a huge team.  When we join new programs, not only do we take everyone with us as a team, members can stay in the same order in which they are placed in our Team Integrity Forced Matrix so we all automatically have a team in every program we join!   Instant income in every program we join…how cool is that!

We are using a Forced 3 x infinity Matrix to help build YOUR business building organization.   As you, and other team members, refer other users to this site to join our team, your recruiting matrix fills, giving you massive leverage in every program we join down the road.

Team Integrity makes it possible for anyone, even if you are not a great recruiter, to have success with MULTIPLE income streams with less effort and better results. We believe in Cooperative Recruiting and by using the Team Integrity’s recruiting site, you will leverage your efforts with the hundreds of other users who will promote this site to build multiple Team Integrity business opportunities.

As each new user joins Team Integrity, at the top of this page, and they start sharing this site to build their personal forced matrix, bestinternetmarketingsystem.com will continue to gain position in search engine results and drive more and more natural search engine traffic to the site, resulting in more signups and people joining Team Integrity to be distributed automatically and evenly to current Team Integrity members.


Actual quotes from inside the Team Integrity Recruiting Site:

  • “Loving this site!!”
  •  “Aloha from Kauai Hawaii!”
  •  “Glad to be part of TEAM INTEGRITY. Lets make it happen!!”
  •  “I’m doing great! Excited to be part of this opportunity!”
  • “Joined program and saved username.  Simple!”

Get prepared to WIN for once!


What Does The Team Integrity

Recruiting Site Do for You?


The Team Integrity Recruiting Site uses a POWERFUL 3 x INFINITY forced matrix recruiting system helping to develop your team in EVERY program we join.  By joining this Team Integrity Recruiting Site, as a registered member, you benefit from the collective efforts of all team members using this site and the spill over of potential new reps into your recruiting matrix from both RANDOM search engine traffic and from the efforts of everyone upline to you in the recruiting matrix.


How We Pay it Forward

How We Pay it Forward

As new users join Team Integrity they are given the sign up link of a person who is already on our team. Then they sign up for the program(s) of their choice to create their desired monthly income, come back to this site and enter their ID in their “Recruiting Dashboard”.  Then, when new users are placed in the matrix below them they are given their link to join the same income producing program(s). This process duplicates over and over down to infinity, building your income in every income producing program you join.

Even if you don’t personally refer new users to this Team Integrity Recruiting Site, you will receive overflow in the matrix. We believe in doing everything we can so that our team members are successful, by giving everyone spill over in the matrix with no personal requirement to send any traffic to the site, we ensure that the maximum number of our team members create maximum income in EVERY opportunity we join!


WHY Join the Team Integrity

Recruiting Site

and Team Integrity?


88% of new jobs created in 2013 have been part time jobs that do not provide the incomes needed for families to afford to even pay their monthly expenses.   We want to help every member create enough income to pay for their monthly living expenses without having to worry about a job or failing retirement plan.

The government wants everyone to depend on them for their best future and this is just never going to happen.  Everyone needs a “plan B” to cover themselves from insecure jobs, failing retirement plans, failing governments, failing government social plans, and the constant rise in the cost of everyday living.

Most people who have attempted to start working from home joined an opportunity and had to start from scratch at building their team.  98% of network marketers quit before they even have a chance because it takes too long for one person to create enough downline to earn a descent income.

How long would it take, and would it realistically ever be possible, to recruit enough people on your own to generate even a $500 a month income?  That is why 98% of network marketers fail.

90% of network marketers who do make any money still don’t make $100 a week.  This is simply not enough income to be worth the effort for most people.


Success Without Integrity is Failure

Success Without Integrity is Failure

Now, imagine joining a team with a 100% automated team building co-op with a forced matrix inside the team itself, even before joining any program to build.  Everyone on the team benefits as the team is built, thanks to spillover.  How many members have you ever had that could not enroll one person, no matter how hard they tried?

The average referral success network marketers achieve is 2.5 people EVER!   But, 2.5 people is great when you have everyone on your team succeed because of everyone’s efforts.  For example…our first month, our team went from 3 people to over 121 people in 30 days because there were enough people on our team to make that happen for the whole team.

Then, imagine the income of most of the people when we joined the program we are promoting!  Over 48% of our team created instant income!  The other 52% were not instant only because they were the last members to be placed in the total team matrix.  BUT, as our team continues to grow, the original 52% that did not receive instant income DID start to receive income quickly.

Our team grows more and more every month because we ALL send traffic to this ONE Team Integrity recruiting site.  We are going to join another program roughly every 4 months and when we do, our whole team joins together and instantly creates another instant income for at least half the team.  Then, we build our new income opportunity AND our first income opportunity with the EXACT SAME EFFORT of inviting people to THIS ONE Team Integrity Recruiting Website.

Now, ALL of our team members will be able to create multiple income streams and continue growing each income stream WITH ONE EFFORT every month, as a team.  NEVER, in my “make money from home” experience, since 1990, have I ever seen anything like this and the percentage of successful team members!


FINALLY…no more struggling to

build a business BECAUSE,

FINALLY there is no more struggling

to help everyone on our team succeed

with our pay it forward

team building system!


Important Information

Before You Start!


If you sit in the Team Integrity matrix too long before joining an income opportunity, and other users who are placed below you in the matrix join an income opportunity before you do, those organizations from the new Rep down in the recruiting matrix will now belong to the next active Rep above you in the Team Integrity matrix!  Don’t wait around trying to see if it ‘works’, the Team Integrity recruiting site system works, take advantage of it!


The Secret of Getting Ahead

The Secret of Getting Ahead

Successful people take massive action when they decide to build an opportunity, take action today and promptly join each program you want to build after registering on this site so you don’t run the risk of losing Reps and their entire organizations, because someone below you in the matrix signs up first.

I know! I am preaching to the choir right now, you are reading this now, because you are a successful minded person and are ready to make a huge change in your life or you are looking for a hot new program to join.  Team Integrity is THE team to join if you want to be successful, we have leadership with direct access to Corporate, the Internet marketing system to dominate EVERY opportunity we join, and SO MUCH MORE!  Being a part of Team Integrity ia almost an unfair advantage!


Be a success and take massive action NOW!


Get Started!

Steps for success!

  1. Go to theRegister” tab in the top left corner of this page!
  2. In your ‘Recruiting Dashboard’ you will be given a link to sign up in multiple opportunities.  Do this as quickly as you can so you don’t get passed up by other users who join before you!
  3. Enter your ID in your Recruiting Dashboard on Step Two for each opportunity you join. (If you did not join any of the programs we offer through another Team Integrity Member, you are not allowed to use this site.)
  4. Refer others to this site with YOUR affiliate link provided!
  5. That’s it… it really IS that simple!